The Occult Family Ghost Hunts

Haunted Venues, Paranormal Sleepovers and Spooky Events giving you the ultimate Ghost Hunting experience to Discover, Experience and Know.

The Occult Family host Ghost Hunts that provide professional ghost hunting events and sleepovers in the UK.

If you are looking for a different experience, you have come to the right place! We welcome and cater for first time attendees who have never taken part in an Ghost Hunts before, to the more experienced ghost hunter! To companies looking for a different kind of event, Hen and Stag parties and anybody who is looking for a spooky experience to share with their friends and family.

Take part in overnight ghost hunts, ghost hunting sleepovers, haunted events and terrifying tours, where you become a real life Ghost Hunter and take part in experiments such as table tipping, Ouija boards, glass diversion, vigils and seances along with all the modern Ghost Hunting equipment.

The Occult Family is here to satisfy your spooky needs and open you up to a new adventure!