The Occult Family are a family who love all things 'Occult & Ghost Hunting' the family consists of JP, Kymmi, Snow and Pebble. The family travel the country conducting Ghost Hunts and researching Occult History. After taking part in a couple of Ghost Hunts both girls started to open up their senses and started to feel and see different energies and spirits that were in the buildings. Both girls know nothing about the history of the buildings and when Ghost Hunting the girls have been able to describe the spirits they have seen and this has matched descriptions from the history books. Noticing this skill JP and Kymmi encouraged the girls not be scared of their gift and to speak to the spirits  if they see one and this is why the girls attend certain ghost hunts with the family. The families interest in all things Occult and Ghost Hunting has lead to The family collecting their own haunted artefacts (click here) and being contacted by people across the country asking for advice or to take their artefacts into their care. Due the family gaining such a collection and their house becoming active, the family created a room called 'The Occult Room' (click here)  that is connected to their house and is were the family conduct most of their research and investigations. 

The family like all things ghost hunting, spooky and kooky and their family car is 'Mortica' the hearse which they take for spins to the supermarkets, city breaks and just day to day living.  The family have been dubbed as 'THE REAL LIFE ADDAMS FAMILY' by the press and TV programmes and have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, Podcasts and Chat shows (click here)

The Occult Family are here to share their experiences and to find out the truth behind all things Occult and Ghost Hunting.

The Occult Hauntings LTD

The Occult Haunting LTD was founded in 2022 by JP Kenny and Kymmi Jeffrey. From a Birthday present that was bought for Kymmi's birthday and passion and love for Ghost Hunting it has now been turned into a business to share with the world.

JP who's background is that of a teacher and was brought up a believer with his family being very open minded. He has always believed in the after life and has been fascinated with what happens in the after life and if we can communicate with the other side. Kymmi who's background is that of a Clinical Hypno-Therapist has more of the sceptical side and likes to use science to understand why things have happened and if they are real. The skill set they both bring to Ghost Hunting makes their investigations very honest and open, with the goal ultimately to prove that some sort of energy or Paranormal world exists.

The Occult Hauntings aim is not to just facilitate a ghost hunt but to give you an real experience of Ghost Hunting and to give you an open and honest account of the evening and event. The aim is to catch real Paranormal evidence and is not to fool or trick you in any way.

Click here to see the locations that are available to attend for Ghost Hunts.